Legume Hay vs Grass Hay

Just by looking at the excellent nutritional quality of legumes, one might wonder why they shouldn’t feed their horses legume hay.

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By: Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D. |

Can you tell the difference between straw and hay? Good. What about hay made from grasses compared to hay made from legume plants, or a mixture of the two? While most horse people can spot a legume such as alfalfa in their horse’s hay bale, they may not understand the nutritional differences between these plants and grasses.

In this Horse Sport article, equine nutritionist Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips, describes the process of making hay for horses using grass species such as Timothy, fescue and brome, as well as legume species like alfalfa, clover and birdsfoot trefoil.

Dr. Pratt-Phillips explains the nutritional impact of feeding both types of hay to horses and offers recommendations for selecting the right type of hay for your horse’s individual needs. To help illustrate her points, she provides examples for different classes of horses in different levels of work or growth, plus feeding guidelines.

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