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Barney Gives Back

A formerly neglected workhorse finds a new home and a higher purpose....


Pass Your Equine Canada Rider Tests, part 2

Part 2: English riding. You may begin at any level of EC's Learn to Ride English program, but you must take all of the preceding written tests. Here is a brief list of the requirements for each of the eight rider levels....


Lead Change at OEF

The Ontario Equestrian Federation has embarked on an intensive restructuring to “put more butts in saddles” in the province, and create a clearer pathway to the top for aspiring athletes....


Wild Horses in Canada: Pest or Precious Heritage?

Some see them as pests to be managed, while others fight to protect their free-roaming way of life. Learn more about the plight of our wild horses....

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How Equestrian Style Became Timeless

Understanding our love affair with equestrian fashion....


Heavy Lifting at Ontario Racing

Ontario Racing chair Hugh Mitchell discusses the challenges facing the association....

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Drug Regulations: Solving the Conundrum with THADA

Ray Paulick reports on the Thoroughbred Horseracing Anti-Doping Authority....

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Information Overload

Humour columnist, Doug Breen, cautions horse owners about where they get their information from....


The Wonder of Basement Tack Migration (Humour)

Humour columnist Doug Breen is bewildered by the amount of tack that crops up all over his house. ...


Behind the Scenes at Cavalia’s Odysseo

This spectacular extravaganza is set to gallop back into Canada this spring ...but did you ever wonder what the equine performers' day-to-day routine is like between shows?...

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