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Getting Bridling Right with Josh Nichol

Josh Nichol demonstrates the proper way to bridle a horse in order to ensure a relaxing ride on a willing partner.

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Trailer Loading Simplified with Josh Nichol

Trainer and clinician Josh Nichol explains why horses often react negatively to trailers and provides key exercises that will help you and your horse develop a more confident approach to trailer loading.

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The Thinking Horseman with Josh Nichol

Train successfully by taking the emotion out of horsemanship and learning to understand your horse’s needs with Josh Nichol.

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Softness From Ground To Saddle with Josh Nichol

Trainer and clinician Josh Nichol shares his advice on building better flow between you and your horse as you learn to transition your leadership from the ground into the saddle.

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Keeping Your Horse Focused Out On The Trail with Josh Nichol

With summer at its peak, now is the perfect time to get out of the arena and head out onto the trail. The great outdoors provides the ideal setting for a well-deserved mental break and gives your horse an opportunity to move freely – in theory, anyway.

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The Solution To Your Riding Issues with Josh Nichol

Understanding the link between resistance and training difficulties.

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Developing Straightness with Josh Nichol

In this article, trainer and clinician Josh Nichol offers some training suggestions on how to improve straightness while in the saddle.


A Year of Firsts: Harlequin’s First Clinic

Chantal Marleau and her horse, Harlequin, attend their first clinic, wrapping up "A Year of Firsts" with Josh Nichol.

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A Year of Firsts: The First Trailer Ride

Josh Nichol explains how to introduce young or inexperienced horses to trailering.

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Training with Josh Nichol: From the Ground Up – Mounting Block 101

The thought of asking a horse to quietly walk up to a mounting block and present himself in perfect mounting position is beyond the expectations of many.