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An innovative approach to therapeutic shoeing...


Hoof Canker

You pick up your horse's hoof and notice a pale-coloured protrusion on the frog that looks a bit like a plantar's wart, and perhaps some greyish-white fronds of tissue. Your horse isn't lame at this point, but you can see that something's wrong. The ...

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The Changing Face of Laminitis

Ongoing research and more educated owners have resulted in many changes in the way this devastating disease is triggered and treated....

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Pro-Active Hoofcare for Racing Thoroughbreds

Fran Jurga shares 15 pro-active tips to get the horses in your care to put their best feet forward on race day....


The Underrun Heel

A common ailment of the hoof that affects all three areas is a condition known as the "underrun heel". ...


Understanding Hoof Angles

Master farrier, Hans Wiza, explains how the angle of your horse's hooves affects the mechanics of his stride and posture....


What Should I Do if My Horse Punctures a Hoof?

Melissa McKee, DVM, explains what to do if you discover a nail or other penetrating object in your horse's hoof....


Nutrition for Healthy Hooves

How to feed and care for your horse's hooves....


When Rot is Afoot: Thrush

Find out how to combat thrush, a common hoof condition caused by a bacterial infect...


Buyer’s Guide: Hoof Care Tools

Find out which tools and products every horse owner should have on hand to care for their horses' hooves....

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