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EIPH: Stop the Bleeding

The anti-bleeding medication furosemide is used to treat bleeders in most racing jurisdictions in North America but what happens if the drug is, one day, limited or banned? ...


Gastric Ulcers

Horses' digestive tracts evolved to adapt to a very different environment than most are living in today. Gastric ulcers are a common result, but early diagnosis and treatment can lead to swift recovery....


Taking on the Pain

Pain produces an individual response in horses, which makes it harder to assess the degree of suffering but the sooner we recognize a problem, the better our changes are of resolving it quickly....

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Seasonal Pasture Myopathy

Peril in the pasture...


Foal Weight: Is Thinner Better?

Average daily weight gain for a foal in the first 2-3 months can be as much as 1.4 kg (3 lbs) per day!...

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New Way to Treat Strangles

A veterinary case out of the UK has produced a new way to treat horses with strangles....

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Diagnosing Arthritis in Your Horse

Learn how to manage a horse with arthritis, a progressive, inflammatory disease that causes pain and stiffness in the joints....

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Do Horses See Colour?

While it is commonly believed that all animals are colour-blind, research has shown this is not the case....


Pasture Poisons

Learn how to spot plants in your pasture that may be poisonous to horses....


Deconstructing Deworming, part 2

Get a better understanding of how to develop an effective deworming program and avoid drug resistance. ...

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