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Equine Genomics: A Treasure Hunt for Answers

Researchers are working hard at finding solutions for genetic disorders and inherited diseases. Get a glimpse into their vast and mysterious genetic treasure map. ...

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Quack Cures from the Equine Veterinary Past

Some early veterinary treatments and procedures ranged from the bizarre to the horrific....


Concussion Protocols at EC Shows

Horse show steward Jan Stephens reviews Equestrian Canada’s Concussion Protocol....


Arrhythmias in Equine Athletes

Two recent studies from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that healthy, normal equine athletes - one study looked at show jumpers, the other at dressage horses - frequently experienced arrhythmias during exercise and recovery. ...


Cushing’s Syndrome

An unshed winter coat may herald the onset of this debilitating disease...


Headshaking Syndrome – One owner’s story

Symptoms and treatments for this puzzling affliction...

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Weight Watching

How to determine the ideal weight for your horse for health and soundness....


Avoiding Drug Contamination

There have been an increasing amount of cases of horses testing positive to micro-levels of methamphetamines lately. Why it's happening – and how you can avoid becoming a victim....

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Iceberg Injury

How an insignificant-looking cut nearly ended a horse’s life....


Health Q&A: Rabies

What are the signs of rabies in horses? ...

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