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C. difficile: A Fickle Foe

Toxic strains of this anaerobic bacterium can have severe consequences beyond gastrointestinal upset, in both horses and humans. Good hygiene is key to preventing infection, which can be difficult to treat....


Vesicular Stomatitis

Why should we worry about a disease that is rarely fatal and hasn't been seen in Canada for over six decades?...


How Do I Clean My Horse’s Sheath?

It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. Melissa McKee, DVM, explains how to clean a sheath and why it's so important. ...


Health Q&A: Tail rubbing

Q: My horse's tail is a frayed mess from rubbing - why is he doing that?...


Snap, Crackle, Pop!!!

What do those joint noises mean?...


Airway Diseases in Horses

Respiratory disease can be debilitating to the horse, and frustrating and expensive for the owner. Recognizing symptoms and initiating treatment early can ensure a quick return to peak form - and the show ring....


Shock: When the Body Shuts Down

Shock is a life-threatening condition, which occurs when the circulatory begins to shut down in response to trauma or illness. Learn how to recognize and deal with it quickly....


A Series of Unfortunate Events

A valuable broodmare overcomes a freak accident and surgical complications....

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The Latest Treatments for Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Using the newest biologics to treat tendon and ligament injuries....

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Studies Prove the Obvious About Female Jocks & Furosemide

A look at the results of two recent Thoroughbred industry studies....

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