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The State of Animal Cruelty Laws in Canada

Find out which animal cruelty laws exist and how they are monitored and enforced in this country....


Scratching The Surface

While the FEI's White Paper on Equine Surfaces lacks concrete recommendations about what types of footing to use for each discipline, it highlights the deficiency of data and the need for research so guidelines can be written....


Pre-Purchase Exams: A Snapshot in Time

The components and challenges of the pre-purchase exam...


What is the Best Type of Wood Fence for Horses?

Which is the best type of wood for horse fencing?...

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10 Facts About Twitches

Some consider twitching cruel, but if used correctly the twitch is a humane form of restraint....


The Joys and Challenges of Horse Ownership

Despite early setback, optimism still reigns in Manitoba over the new fractional ownership group called The Assiniboia Racing Club....


Your First Horse

After years of begging and pleading, working and saving, your parents have finally agreed to buy you a horse!...

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Keeping the Herd Happy

Management tips for keeping horses safely in groups....

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Equine Life Numbers

A universal traceability system for horses in Canada is necessary - and inevitable...

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Savvy Advice

Prospective horse owners attending the first annual Thoroughbred Owners Conference came away with a bevy of tips about the experience from some of the most successful people in the game....

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