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30 Point Trailer Safety Check

An essential checklist for trailer, tow vehicle and horse handling....

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Equine Life Numbers

A universal traceability system for horses in Canada is necessary - and inevitable...


The State of Animal Cruelty Laws in Canada

Find out which animal cruelty laws exist and how they are monitored and enforced in this country....

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A Perfect Match: Find an instructor who is compatible with you

The perfect instructor is someone that brings out the best in you. You might not always be friends (and you don’t need to be, outside of the lessons), but you respect the person because he or she knows your strengths......


Selling Horses in a Changing Market

While finding buyers for your horses can involve a certain degree of both timing and luck, you can increase your chances of a sale by following some basic strategies. ...

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Assessing the Young Jumper Prospect with Phil Henning

Finding, purchasing and developing a young horse with the potential to go to the top in the jumper ring can be a long and expensive process....


How Climate Change Affects Horse Health

How climate change is affecting horse health around the world....


Money-Saving Tips for Horse People

The nation's horse people are peering deeply into their pocketbooks to find the means to afford their equine pursuits. Here are dozens of clever ways to save money....


Scratching The Surface

While the FEI's White Paper on Equine Surfaces lacks concrete recommendations about what types of footing to use for each discipline, it highlights the deficiency of data and the need for research so guidelines can be written....

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How Much Land do you Need to House Horses?

Get advice on planning an equestrian facility....

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