Quiet Hands, Quiet Horse

Hands that are light, quiet and soft enhance the horse's balance, suppleness and way of carrying himself by supporting the direction given by the rider.

Horse Show Etiquette

It's that time of year! Show season, and you've trained long and hard to enable you and your horse to attend a show. Your coach has helped you prepare your riding skills, but what about everything else?

7 Tips for a Top Show Season

We spend hours preparing ourselves and our horses for horse shows - riding, grooming, conditioning, cleaning tack ... and the list goes on. Some riders focus only on winning a shiny trophy or chasing points, but there is much more to be gained by taking a simpler outlook to your show season.

Grooming is Ground Work

More than just a chore, grooming plays an important role in how your horse feels about you and the time you spend together - both on the ground and in the saddle.

Finding Frame

Find out the meaning of "putting your horse in a frame" and how to achieve correct posture under saddle.