Rider Health

Size Matters

There is a longstanding unofficial rule of thumb that a horse should bear no more than 20 per cent of its body weight, including rider and equipment.

Rider Fitness: Cardio & Core

Studies show the more fun you make exercise, the better choices you make relative to nutrition and the better results you will feel and experience overall.

The Hard Facts About Concussions

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury in which the brain is jarred or shaken inside the skull. Most commonly, a concussion is caused by a blow to the head, but can also occur when the body takes a heavy impact. That means you could get a concussion when you fall off your horse, even if your head doesn't hit the ground.

The Rider’s Fitness Routine

n order to stay strong and sound, it's important to participate in a well-rounded fitness program that consists of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, etc.