Hoof Care

Hoof Mechanics Makeovers

Farrier Hans Wiza uses three different case studies to demonstrate how even just one geometry-based shoeing can make a huge difference in a horse's hoof conformation and movement.

Winter Hoof Care Woes

When it comes to winter hoof care, “one size doesn't fit all,” says Doug Butler, Ph.D., CJF, FWCF and author of The Principles of Horseshoeing.

Shoes in winter?

Some people decide to remove their horse's shoes for the winter in order to give their feet a "break." Unfortunately, this can be a very literal thing.

Understanding Hoof Angles

Regardless as to whether the horse is barefoot or shod, several features are deemed to be acceptable and others are not, when it comes to hoof angles.

The Underrun Heel

A common ailment of the hoof that affects all three areas is a condition known as the underrun heel, this article goes into detail about what this means.