Owning a horse might seem daunting, but it offers many benefits for every member of your family, regardless of age. Horses have walked alongside people for years and can form deep, lasting bonds. They offer a fun experience through horse riding and are amazing companions forming deep relationships due to their intelligence. If you love horses and are wondering whether they only belong in the wild west, here are five reasons to get one in 2022.


Horse riding is also a popular sport that you can do for fun or competitively. It is a physically tasking aerobic exercise that will improve your cardiovascular health and muscle function. Horse riding can also improve cognitive function, leg and arm muscle function and control, physical posture and balance, and concentration.

Develop Character

Caring for horses requires time, sacrifice, and dedication, which can help develop your character. Horses can also be incredibly stubborn, calling for high patience and resilience. If you’re not used to this, owning a horse will force you to change your habits to keep them. Given their high maintenance requirements, keeping them may be challenging for those with busy schedules and limited space.

However, some efficient options are available such as co-ownership or having the horse stay at a boarding stable. There are also some great horse farms in North Carolina and other regions where you can find the right space for your horses.

Promote Social Life

Meeting other horse owners with similar interests can improve your social life, which offers many positive results, such as better mental health and an increased sense of belonging. This platform for meeting new people can be especially useful for those feeling lonely or who may find socializing challenging. Through the shared interest in horses, you get to make new friends, learn new things, and be part of a community that is as passionate as you are.

Great for Kids

Getting a horse will teach your kids important lessons and skills like responsibility, selflessness, compassion, and routine and can be a great way for them to connect with nature. It also teaches them leadership as they must take charge of the horses in their care.

Caring for a horse can also improve your child’s self-esteem as it is highly rewarding to care for and train a horse. This can give them the confidence they need to go through life. It can also give them the strength to process loss and grief following the demise of their horse.

Improve Mental Health

Evidence shows that animals improve cognitive function and mood. Horses are especially known for creating strong bonds with their human friends and having high intelligence, making it easy to communicate with them.

They form good and loyal companions, and these relationships can sometimes form lifelong bonds. They can help you cope with stress, depression, and anxiety as companions. Through this companionship, they help reduce loneliness, and since they need to be nurtured, they can foster feelings of usefulness and make you feel appreciated, seen, and needed.

Having a horse will also encourage you to spend time outdoors, which is great for physical and mental health since it can boost your mood, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep.

Perfecting the art of horse riding can also give you confidence which will be visible in other areas of your life. Confidence can help you have a positive outlook on life, pushing you to pursue your goals and aspirations.

Keeping horses can be tasking and expensive, but it’s also fun and rewarding. Horses are high maintenance and require patience, discipline, and resilience which are great values to have. They can also bond well with you and offer lifelong companionship and improve mental well-being. Remember to take your time and plan ahead before acquiring a horse to ensure a comfortable experience for both you and the horse.