There’s no hiding the fact that the thrill of winning a decent sum of money is what most punters crave. Then there’s the secondary excitement from the experience itself. For the people who are after the most amount of money possible, it can lead to the question of which form of gambling is better: betting on sports and events (such as horse racing) or the games you can find at an online casino site.

Whilst the premise of playing at online casinos and betting on the horses might seem the same, there are differences in the skills needed and the extensive differences in the amounts you can win!

Here we’re going to take a deeper look into each one and see which one is better.

Betting on the Races

Betting on sports and events is very popular thanks to the huge range of different bets and markets you can now find. Betting on different horse races is one of the longest-standing forms of betting you can find – with some people even saying it’s how bookmakers started!

When you take a glance at betting on races, it seems incredibly simple. You simply pick a horse and bet that it will come first. Some people base their picks on the horse’s name or gut instinct. But there is a lot more to it than that, and there are certain nuances to getting good at it.

It can take a while to build up the knowledge to bet on races with some accuracy as you have to do plenty of research on each horse. This research will include:

You’ll need to research information about the course. This includes the ground type, How long the race is, what type of race it is and especially what the weather has been like the day before / what it’s going to be like on the day. For big races such as The Grand National, this should be incredibly easy to find.

You’ll also want information about the horses. You want to take a look at things like the horse’s form, age, horse breed, weight and the jockey. Most of these detailed statistics will be available on the betting platform or from the bookies.

Finally, you’ll need information about the odds. You may need to take a look at the different bookies and check the odds against each other to get the best prices available.

Whilst doing all of this research can seem time-consuming and quite intensive, the people who are in the know and have their horse racing knowledge down to a tee can make a full-time living from it. But as with any type of gambling, there is no way to predict results with 100% accuracy!

Playing at Online Casinos

There is a range of games to play at casinos. Some of these need strategies to make the most out of, such as Blackjack, Poker and Baccarat. Or there are slots, which have a high payout but are highly based on luck.

Just like betting on horse racing, With playing at online casinos, there are both pros and cons. Whilst you can win big from a small amount of money with slots, they are heavily based on luck. Card games may have better odds in your favour, but they can take considerable time in learning the strategies and getting good enough to consistently win.

Horse Betting Vs Online Casinos – Which Wins

When it comes down to it, each of these two forms of gambling has its own merits. If you take the time to do the necessary research and learn about the horses, it can be more consistently profitable than playing at the casino.

With casino games – especially slots – the amount you could possibly win is much higher. Progressive jackpots can go into the millions and many machines offer 10,000x of the original bet as a payout. But these wins are heavily tied to luck with no way to influence them, meaning the wins will come far less often.

The most consistent strategy would be to play with some sort of combination of the two! When combining the two you’d have the chance for smaller wins that you have better odds on with horse racing and the odd chance at a big win from playing online casino games.