Canada is an interesting country regarding sports because people are interested in all kinds of things. Although ice hockey and basketball dominate the market, fans watch soccer, eSports, and horse racing. Speaking of the devil, the Stake bonus offer for Canada by Nostrabet will allow people to try out an exciting bonus that they can use to bet on different kinds of things. Even though the site does not offer horse racing, it has many other things people can choose from and use their rewards.

Speaking of Stake and its promotions, the site provides plenty of things other bookies don’t offer. The welcome promotion is impressive, but Stake also offers Canadian bettors the chance to use bonuses for NFL, football, NHL, tennis, and more. There are even special offers for MMA that no one else offers.

The fact that Stake is one of the world’s premier gambling sites means that it will add horse racing to its portfolio in the future. Needless to say, the company will also have to update its bonus portfolio so that it adds special promotions for horse racing. But which are the best offers it could provide to Canadian bettors? Well, we are about to find out.

Free bets

Whether you want to wager on football, ice hockey, or horse racing, there is no arguing that the free bet is one of the best bonuses you can get. Choosing this offer will allow you to wager on something without using any of your own finances. Some free bets have certain limitations, such as what you can use them for, whereas others are available for everything.

Stake may offer free bets even now, but since the site lacks horse racing as an option, people will have to use them for something else. That said, we believe it is time before the operator provides this proposition.

Money back/cashback offers

The cashback bonuses have been top-rated in the last couple of years, especially along people who play casino games. Interestingly, Stake is one of the several iGaming sites in Canada that also offers such bonuses, but only for VIP clients. What’s more, they have to adhere to different rules.

Unsurprisingly, cashback bonuses are trendy among bettors who like horse racing. Those things allow them to wager on a given race and get a portion of their bet if the horse they’ve bet on doesn’t win.

Most horse racing cashback bonuses are around 10%, but the number might be even higher.

Acca Loyalty

If you look at some of the leading horse racing betting websites, you will see that many offer different kinds of Accumulator promotions. While most Acca rewards for football will allow you to access better odds or extra winnings by punting on more events, this is not the case when it comes down to horse racing.

As one of Canada’s leading crypto online bookies, Stake will probably have to add an Acca Loyalty bonus once it decides to offer horse racing. This promotion will reward those who place a certain number of Acca bets with a small amount of money or a free bet.

Bet Builder

If Stake wants to become the leading horse betting website in Canada, as well as in several other countries, it definitely needs to add a Bet Builder. This very interesting feature allows people to combine special markets into one and get better odds.

Unsurprisingly, some bookies offer all kinds of Bet Builder options. If you check several sites, you will see that some even “connect” this bonus with social media like Twitter. Doing this allows them to offer special bet requests that let users wager on something that’s not included on the site.


Despite the fact that Stake focuses on other sports and provides loads of cryptocurrencies, the site can find room to add horse racing. People who like this sport usually wager a lot, which explains why many betting companies try to provide this sport. It will be interesting to see whether local punters can access at least some of the bonuses mentioned here.