Horse racing is one of the oldest sports, alongside gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, running, boxing, and archery. The history of horse racing goes back to 4,500 BC. According to most historians, horse racing was quite popular in Central Asia.

In modern times, horse racing is quite popular in Europe, especially in those countries in which betting on sports is perfectly legal, such as the United Kingdom. Horse racing betting is also quite popular in the states of Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Alabama, and Connecticut.

A lot of factors influence the outcome of a horse racing event. In this article, we’re going to discuss some breeds that are traditionally known for their success on the track.


Thanks to their long legs and muscular body, these horses are built for races over six furlongs. When Romans invaded Britain, they brought much of their culture along, including horse races. In time Arabian breeds were crossed with domestic mares and this gave birth to Thoroughbreds which inherited the best physical features owned by their Arabian ancestors.

The domination of Thoroughbreds in races over one mile is what makes them the only eligible breed for the Triple Crown, which includes three major racing events in the USA: the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. Since these horses need to pace themselves during the race, they make betting more interesting than any other breed.

Standardbred Horses

A calm temperament and friendly nature make this breed perfect for a wide array of competitive events, not just for racing on the track. Most people use Standardbreds for pleasure riding because they are easy to control, and their muscular body and endurance allows long rides. These horses are bred in the United States predominantly and mainly used for harness racing, where they accomplish amazing results. Thanks to their high level of endurance and strong physique, Standardbred horses are great at both trotting and pacing gaits.

Apart from their supreme racing skills, these horses are very attractive and could be found in a variety of colors such as bay, black, brown, and occasionally chestnut or even Roan.

American Quarter Horse

Clocked at 55 miles per hour, American Quarter Horse is by far the fastest horse breed. More than two centuries ago, American colonists introduced this breed and named it after the distance they most efficiently ran, which is a quarter of a mile. Nowadays, Quarter Horses are still being bred for speed above everything else, which makes them a favorite with people who enjoy betting on horse races.

The All American Futurity at Ruidoso Downs is the most lucrative horse racing event that includes the American Quarter Horse breed. The rich purse of $3 million makes this event one of the richest in the whole North American continent. Thanks to their amazing speed, these horses race in eleven different types of events ranging from 220 yards to tracks that measure 870 yards.

Arabian Horses

Arguably the most beautiful breed in the world, Arabian Horses originate from the Arabian Peninsula, but they are nowadays found all over the world. These horses are really quick and their stamina is difficult to parallel, so it’s no surprise they are often favorites when it comes to horse race betting. Apart from their physical excellence, Arabian Horses are highly intelligent and have no problem interacting with humans and other horses.

Thanks to their staggering stamina, Arabian Horses are perfect for endurance racing events such as The Tevis Cup where these horses have no problem completing a 100-mile event in less than 24 hours.