Horse racing is one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world to bet on. Known as the Sport of Kings, it was popularised by royalty and nobility, with many royal family members of countries all over the world still attending the biggest races today. Part of the thrill of horse racing is betting on the events, with lots of money exchanging hands at all major races.

While lots of people can agree that betting on horse racing can be a lot of fun, do those involved in the sport agree? Horse racing involves far more than just the horse. There’s also the trainer, who trains the horse, the jockey who rides the horse and the owner who owns the horse. All of these people face different rules when it comes to horse race betting and have to be careful when taking part. If they want to enjoy gambling, it may sometimes be easier to simply learn how to play casino games.

The Rules for Jockeys

The jockeys are those riding the horse, and they often play a big part in how successful the horse is. Champion jockeys are able to win on lots of different horses, but they often need to establish a strong connection with their horse. When it comes to betting on the race, the rules for jockeys are very clear.

Under most horse racing associations, there’s a blanket ban on jockeys placing bets on any race they’re involved in. This means that a jockey cannot bet on their own horse, nor any other horse taking part in the race. These rules are established in order to protect the integrity of horse racing, as jockeys could be tempted to lose races on purpose in order to win more money after betting on a rival.

While jockeys can’t bet on races, they take part in, they’re free to bet on other races, and many do enjoy a wager here and there when they’re not racing. In addition, owners and trainers are free to bet on any horse they like, as they have less control over the outcome of the race and, therefore, don’t affect the integrity of the event.

What Other Ways Can Jockeys Gamble?

For jockeys that love to gamble, not being able to bet on races they take part in can be a pain, but there are plenty of other ways for them to enjoy gambling. There are lots of online casinos they can play at, and there are even plenty of horse racing themed games. In addition, there are always virtual horse racing events to bet on at most sportsbooks. While it may not be the same as the real thing, they’re still lots of fun.

Here are a few of the most popular horse racing-themed slots that jockeys and horse racing fans can enjoy:

Frankie Dettori’s Magic SevenFrankie Dettori is one of the most legendary jockeys of all time. The Italian won over 500 group races and was named Champion Jockey on three different occasions. Considering his popularity, it’s little wonder that Playtech created this slot machine based on him.

Champion of the Track – NetEnt is one of the biggest and best-known slot developers, and when it created Champion of the Track, the game quickly became one of the most popular horse racing slots. There are two different bonus games to unlock, including free spins, and players can win some big payouts if they’re lucky enough to match the right symbols.

A Day at the Derby – Rival Gaming released A Day at the Derby in 2012, but it still holds up today as an excellent horse racing-themed slot. Players can expect free spins, wild symbols and a relatively high maximum win to make things more interesting as they spin the reels.