A recent Facebook user was so excited by a bit of equestrian fashion trivia she posted about it, posing the question (I’ll paraphrase here to avoid the spoiler) “How old were you when you found out how Ariat got its name?”

The answer for many was “Today years old.”

Many of you probably own a pair of Ariat boots. But do you know the answer to that question? According to its founder and CEO Beth Cross  the name was inspired by none other than the legendary thoroughbred racehorse Secretariat. She writes on the company website, “Growing up on a working horse farm in Pennsylvania… I have a special memory of sitting in front of the TV in 1973, watching Secretariat win the Kentucky Derby. He went on to win the Triple Crown, setting records that still stand today. Secretariat’s big heart [reportedly three times the size of the average TB] and competitive spirit were the motivations behind naming our company Ariat.”

As for the three horseshoes that make up its logo? You guessed it. Each shoe represents one leg of the Triple Crown.

Another insider tip: Ariat’s Two24 equestrian-inspired lifestyle collection is also a nod to Secretariat’s amazing record-winning time of 2:24 in the last race of the Triple Crown.

Over the years the performance products brand has expanded its range beyond boots to include sportswear, equestrian clothing, fashion footwear and yes, even a wide range of face masks during the ongoing pandemic. So next time you sport the Ariat logo, think of the once-in-a-lifetime horse that inspired it.

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