Keean White of Rockwood, ON, clinched the 2016 Angelstone Triple Crown series having won the most money in the three Saturday night events hosted at his own Angelstone show grounds in August.

Over the course of the three tournaments, White won $33,140 with multiple placings on different horses to beat out Ireland’s Conor Swail who came second with $26,620 and Ian Millar who earned $21,500. White had a $3,900 lead on Millar and a $10,000 lead on Swail going into the third week of competition. Beth Underhill ($12,150) and Erynn Ballard ($6,330) rounded out the top five in the standings.

See links below for full results from each competition:

Aug. 20th – $86,000 Delta Hotel & Dwight Crane Grand Prix

Aug 27- $86,000 Engle & Völkers Grand Prix

Sept 3rd –$40,000 Groupby Grand Prix