Jockey Anatram (Sunny) Singh appeared before the Commission pursuant to Rule 15.26.03 of the Rules of Thoroughbred Racing, having tested positive for a prohibited substance for the second time within 24 months, following a random urine sample collection conducted at Woodbin Racetrack on June 29, 2006, for which he was suspended by Stewards’ Ruling TB 4338/2006 dated July 8, 2006, pending provision of a negative sample and this appearance before the Commission.

The ORC Panel hearing the matter consisted of Chair Tanaka, sitting alone. The Panel convened on July 31, 2006. Aaron Dantowitz appeared for the Administration and Harvey Swartz appeared for Mr. Sing.

On hearing the evidence of Anatram (Sunny) Sing, on reviewing the Exhibits filed, and on hearing the submissions of counsel the Administration and for Mr. Singh, the Panel ordered:

  • that Mr. Singh’s license be fully suspended for a period of two months, from July 8, 2006 to September 8, 2006, inclusive;
  • that Mr. Singh’s license be suspended on Saturday and Sundays thereafter for a period on one month, from September 9, 2006 until October 8, 2006, inclusive;
  • that Mr. Singh serve a period of probation thereafter for a period of one year, from October 9, 2006 until October 8, 2007, inclusive, during which time:
    • Mr. Singh must present himself whenever the drug testing unit is at the track and Mr. Singh is carded to ride; and
    • any violations of the rules of racing related to the use of alcohol or drugs or medication resulting in a positive test as defined by the rules or policy of the Commission will result in a full three-month suspension;
  • that Mr. Singh provide proof o the continuation of the rehabilitation program he has commenced or completion of that program in a form satisfactory to the Director of Racing on or before October 8, 2006.