The Manitoba Horse Expo, which debuted in March 2015 at the Stonewall Ag Grounds, was held again this year, on February 13th, at Assiniboia Downs. The equine trade show was conceived by Jasmine Heymann as a way to promote the horse industry and raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

It was a successful event, which met its aims, however, it is reported that vendors did not receive compensation. Dozens of people are owed money to the tune of $102,530, including Assiniboia Downs., the host venue, which is still owed $6,000.

Heymann is not providing any answers. The trustee involved noted, however, “That we are of the opinion that the cause or causes of the consumer debtor’s insolvency are as follows: financial mismanagement and business failure.”

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba has confirmed that a donation was received from Heymann, but is not able to provide an amount.

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