Heavy metal is not a music genre you’ll likely to find in traditionally equestrian venues, like a dressage freestyle, for instance. But for one chestnut mare, it’s music to her ears.

Meet Pretty Runaway, a seven-year-old Quarter Horse mare owned by Bogar Farms, a Quarter Horse racehorse breeder in Lindsay, Ontario. Pretty has developed a habit of enthusiastic head-tossing in rhythm to heavy metal music being played in the barn. Videos of her headbanging, metal-loving ways have gone viral and resulted in the mare and her groom Autumn Purdy featured in several media stories, including this video on CNN.

Videos show Pretty standing at her stall’s half-door as she shakes her head up and down as the music blasts. But she’s particular; the team at Bogar Farms tried country and Pretty turned around and showed them her butt in protest. “Metal was her go-to headbanging music and she loves it,” Purdy tells the reporter. “She’s always [on beat], no matter what song we play, slow jams she’s slow, heavy songs she’s going with the beat.” Purdy intends to post online music reviews with Pretty giving her nod of approval or not.

Dubbed the “rocking horse” but online fans, her fave metal band appears to be Slipknot. Given that once the music is off the head-tossing ends, one can’t help but wonder if the mare’s reaction is due to dislike or discomfort with the loud music rather than a nod of approval, as head-tossing can be associated with stress. She does it outside at the fence as well, however, where it is not as loud, so we guess only Pretty herself knows for sure!

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