Did you have an outstanding dressage competition season? Do you know a dressage volunteer whose hard work should be recognized? The Dressage Awards & Recognition Program puts the spotlight on outstanding riders, horses, breeders and individuals.

The deadline to submit scores and/or nominations for 2018 awards is coming up on October 31st.

New for 2018
Several changes have been made to the Dressage Awards & Recognition Program for 2018:

  • Those who have paid the one-time Dressage Awards & Recognition Program registration fee (for horse and/or rider) and are current Equestrian Canada (EC) Sport Licence Holders with a dressage affiliate membership are eligible for multiple lifetime awards.
  • The Dressage Achievement Award criteria and score thresholds have been updated. Learn more details here.

How It Works
All current EC Sport Licence Holders who also have a current dressage affiliate membership may qualify for the Achievement Awards. EC sport licences and dressage affiliations must be renewed annually. If you are not a current dressage affiliate or need to update your sport licence, please visit MyEC or contact the Customer Experience department.

Participation is simple and easy through online registration. Once registered, participants can track and submit scores obtained at EC sanctioned dressage competitions through a user-friendly online portal.

Lifetime Registration is $50 per rider and $100 per horse (horse registration fee transferable upon sale).
Register today!

Once registered, scores and/or nominations can be submitted for a wide range of awards:

Achievement Awards

  • Rider and Horse Achievement Awards presented to those who reach the score threshold at each level from Training Level through to Grand Prix at EC or FEI sanctioned competitions

The “Eight” Award

  • Recognizes improvement of riding skills by awarding those who earn eight scores of ‘8’ for the collective marks on a test for Rider’s Position and Seat or Rider’s Correct and Effective Use of the Aids.

Lauren Dilanni Rider Freestyle Awards

  • Presented in memory of Lauren Dilanni, this award recognizes riders who earn three scores of 67% or higher in each level of Freestyle competition from Second Level to Grand Prix.

Made in Canada Breeder Awards

  • Awarded to breeders to recognize the achievement of performance excellence by Canadian-bred horses. A minimum of five scores must be submitted for consideration, and the recipients will be determined by the highest average of the five scores.

Horse of the Year Awards

  • Recognizes performance excellence in all levels from Training Level to Grand Prix by awarding horses with the highest average after submitting five scores for consideration.

Athlete of the Year Awards

  • Recognizes performance excellence in three categories – Junior, Amateur and Professional – in all levels from Training Level to Grand Prix. The awards are based on the average of five scores submitted for consideration.

Horsemanship & Sportsmanship Awards

  • Presented to individuals who embody the integrity and true spirit of good horsemanship toward their equine partners, and good sportsmanship toward their fellow competitors. Candidates can be nominated by submitting letters of endorsement/support from five individuals.
  • Registration in the awards program is not required for Horsemanship & Sportsmanship recognition.

The Century Award

  • Recognizes dressage riders and horses competing at any level whose combined age totals 100 years or more.
  • Competitors do not need to be retested in the awards program to qualify and be recognized with the Century Award.

For full information on the Dressage Recognition & Awards program, visit www.equestrian.ca/sport/dressage/awards.