Today, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex PC MPP Monte McNaughton re-introduced his private members Bill 92; a bill entitled Ensuring Local Voices in New Casino Gambling Development Act, 2013. MPP McNaughton’s bill will require a mandatory municipal referendum before any new casino is allowed to move forward.

“We have heard from local residents, Mayors, Wardens and City Councilors from across Ontario who have all said they do not want a casino forced on their community,” said McNaughton. “This bill will require a mandatory municipal referendum before any new casino development can occur.”

McNaughton previously introduced this bill during the First Session of the 40th Parliament as Bill 76. Bill 76 passed second reading last spring with support from some Liberals and the NDP. However, due to the resignation of Dalton McGuinty as Premier and the prorogation of the Ontario Legislature, the bill died on the order paper before it could be called for third reading. “It is because of the overwhelming support for this bill that I felt it essential to re-introduce it. Local residents from across Ontario have continued to call for this bill to be passed and their voices need to he heard regardless of Dalton McGunity’s resignation last October,” said McNaughton. With recent plans to modernize the OLG ongoing, it is widely expected that there will be new casino development proposed throughout Ontario. Further casino development provides opportunity, but it also raises great debate amongst portions of the population. It is important that everyone has a say regarding issues that impact their community.

“As a former three-term municipal councilor, I believe strongly in working with our municipal and local partners. This bill will ensure that local communities are willing partners are hosts for new casino development,” said McNaughton. “It has long been our Party’s position to ensure local decision making before casinos move forward and we believe that collectively, local communities and residents are best suited to make important decisions on issues like these,” said McNaughton.