Equestrian Canada (EC) would like to remind the community that the 2018 Equestrian Canada (EC) Rule Change Proposals (RCPs) window for review and feedback will close on Nov. 8, 2017.

The 2018 RCPs are available for review on the EC website at www.equestrian.ca/programs-services/rules for all sections, excepting Section D, Eventing. RCPs for Section D will be posted for review as soon as possible, and will be open for a full 30-day review and feedback period once posted.

EC encourages competitors, officials and coaches to read the RCPs and offer comment, and will review all pertinent comments for consideration in modifying, correcting, or withdrawing any RCPs prior to the publication of the 2018 rules.

How to Submit Feedback

To submit comments on the RCPs, please send an email to Rachel Huebert at rules@equestrian.ca. Please include the following information along with your comment:

  • Section and article number of the rule(s) you are commenting on (please include in the email subject line)
  • Your EC Sport Licence number (please include in the body of the email)

The deadline to provide comments is Nov. 8, 2017.

Important Note Regarding 2018 RCPs

EC would like to remind that community that at this time, the changes to the EC Rules are proposed and not final. All feedback on the proposed changes will be thoroughly considered by the EC committees during the final stages of amendments and prior to publication of the 2018 EC Rules.

Regarding the proposed change to remove the sentence ‘RCPs will be posted on the EC website to allow for a 30 day review period’ from Section A, Page ix, Amendment of the Rules – EC would like to clarify that the this RCP is the result of ongoing discussion by the EC National Rules Committee and staff regarding the current format of the 30 day review period, and its impact on timely publication of the EC Rules.

Over the past few years, it has been noted that very little feedback has been received during the review period. Therefore, alternate feedback platforms and a condensed review timeline are being considered with the intention of improving community engagement opportunities while also making internal procedures more efficient.

EC will not eliminate the ability of the community to review and comment on proposed changes to the rules.

The EC Board of Directors will review all rule change proposals in December 2017, and will be the final deciding body. The community will be kept informed of any updates or changes made at that time.

About the EC Rule Change Process

It is the right of every EC Sport Licence Holder to suggest amendments to the rules, subject to the current policies, procedures and schedules. The annual deadlines for the rule change process are as follows:

For more information on the rule change process, visit www.equestrian.ca/programs-services/rules.

Questions? Comments?

For questions or comments regarding the EC rule change process, please contact:

Rachel Huebert
Manager, Technical Development
Equestrian Canada