On April 26, 2013, Administrative Law Judge Gary Early issued an Order finding, among other things, that the Global Dressage Complex (GDC) has met, and in some cases, exceeded applicable South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) permitting regulations.

Judge Early found that the evidence presented at Trial demonstrated that the GDC project proposal provided reasonable assurances that all applicable SFWMD stormwater management, water quality, and Best Management Practices (BMP) standards were met.

Charles and Kimberly Jacobs (the Jacobs) filed a legal challenge to the issuance of the GDC Permit. The Jacobs claimed that the GDC facilities were inadequate to accommodate the number of horses expected to use the facilities. Judge Early ruled that the Jacobs “…provided no basis for the supposition other than speculation.” The Judge found that the GDC’s horse-washing facilities were more than adequate. Moreover, the Judge concluded that the GDC’s BMP Plan was “…more advanced than the minimum requirements of the Village of Wellington, and more stringent than BMPs approved for other equestrian facilities in Wellington.”

“This ruling is a huge step forward in ensuring that the Global Dressage Complex is a worldwide, premier equestrian event venue,” stated Mark Bellissimo. “The Global Dressage Complex events bring thousands of visitors and event participants to the Village of Wellington each year and create significant benefits for the Village and the Palm Beach County economy.”