Horse racing may be one of the more popular sports, especially when it comes to betting, but this sport has a long and solid history dating back to the 1600s. Throughout the years the sport has evolved and remains one of the most supported sports around the world. Here, we take a look at how horse racing started, where it is today and what the future holds. As one of the most bet on sporting events in the world, horse racing is a popular sport for betting enthusiasts but it also captures the hearts of animal lovers and those that enjoy a regal sport.

A Brief History

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world and since the early domestication of horses, they have been raced. The sport started becoming popular in the 12th century in the United Kingdom where different native mares were crossbred with imported stallions of Arabian, Barb, and Turkoman breeding to develop the Thoroughbred horse we are all familiar with today. In the 1660s, horse racing events were held on private courses and winners received prizes. The very first horse racing venue was Newmarket in Britain.

As the sport became more popular, several horses were entered in races in the early 1700s and when it became a professional sport in England, many new racecourses were built, including Ascot, which was initially founded by Queen Anne. In the 1750s, The Jockey Club was formed to oversee horse racing and it provided a set of rules as well as sanctioned racecourses. In 1814, the “classics” were born, consisting of five races that were open to three year old horses. These classics included the 2000 Guineas, The Epsom Derby and The St Ledger which were open to colts and fillies and these made up the Triple Crown. The 1000 Guineas and Epsom Oaks were for fillies only.

Horse Racing Today

Over the years, the sport became popular in many other countries and racecourses were opened all over the world. The Jockey Club continues to regulate horse racing in England and in America, there are some regulations that are also in place to monitor and control horse racing. In fact, today, horse racing is the most widely attended sport in America with millions of people attending races around the country.

Horse racing today is much more than a spectator sport. In fact, it is a sport that attracts the most wagers in the sporting industry. People from all over the world place bets on races that are held at major racecourses in various countries. With simulcasting, bettors can watch races from different locations and enjoy betting on the top events.

The Sport of Horse Betting

Horse racing is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, so it is easy to understand why this sport is also one that attracts those that like to wager on sporting events. When betting on horse racing, there are many types of bets that can be placed and these can yield some amazing returns. When betting on major events like the Triple Crown, punters will find they are wagering towards some of the largest possible winnings in the betting industry.

With the growing popularity of horse racing bets being placed, many online sites have been developed to support betting. Some of the online casinos for Canadian players also offer a sports betting section of the site where members can safely and easily place wagers on leading horse racing events from all around the world. Placing bets is not always simple as there are many bet types, so some punters will have to take some time to learn about the different wagers and the possible payouts. Luckily, a number of online sites have great tutorials that will help any new better start wagering and enjoying this amazing and thrilling sport.

Into the Future

Seeing as horse racing has been enjoyed for hundreds of years it will continue to be a popular sport and more and more people will be betting on races and top events. In fact, payouts for wagers have become higher and there are more options available, especially for those that are comfortable betting online. With many sportsbooks and online casinos supporting horse racing bets, it is clear that this form of betting and the sport itself will continue to be a main attraction. There is the chance to win thousands, even millions from these races. The largest online win for an accumulator bet was enjoyed in 2011, when a bettor placed a $2 bet and walked away with a massive win of $1.45 million! With the chance to collect these types of payouts, the sport will remain one of the leading forms of entertainment and betting.