The 2019 Florida International Youth Dressage Championships (FIYDC), presented by Sarah Davis, Terri Kane, USEF Dressage Owners Task Force, Hampton Green Farm, and Dressage4kids, will take place during week 8 at the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) on February 27-March 3 at Equestrian Village at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, FL.

Kim Van Kampen of Hampton Green Farm noted, “We look forward to once again hosting these championships. Every year, more is added to the program to make it feel special, and we are encouraged by the great participation and the feedback that we get from the young riders.”

The week will feature competition for riders in the Under 25, Young Rider, Junior, Children, and Pony divisions, offering them a chance to compete on a larger scale, with events throughout the week to increase camaraderie and sportsmanship. Young riders wishing to compete at the international level are provided with an opportunity to showcase their talent at one of the largest dressage competitions in the world.

Entry numbers continue to impress each year, and as the sport expands, the number of competing youth riders also increases. This year will be the seventh year that the Florida International Youth Dressage Championships will be hosted by AGDF, and the competition will be organized by Equestrian Sport Productions. Production in promoting the youth riders has stepped up and will include photography, videos, and biographies available on all of the competitors and shown on the jumbotron screen at AGDF.

At the FIYDC, there will be three riders in the FEI Pony Rider division, one rider in the FEI Children’s division, six entries in the FEI Junior Rider division, 11 entries in the FEI Young Rider division, and 13 horse and rider pairs in the FEI U-25 division. There are riders from four different countries, including the United States, Canada, Spain, and Germany.

Last year’s division winners at the Florida International Youth Dressage Championships jump for joy. Photo © Lily Forado.

“We are extremely encouraged by the numbers of riders participating in the Florida International Youth Dressage Championships,” said Lendon Gray of Dressage4Kids. “We feel that this is a wonderful opportunity for youth riders to learn and grow.”

This year, the FIYDC are once again working in partnership with JustWorld International, and winners will choose JustWorld Programs that will receive a percentage of added prize money. Week 8 of the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) will also include FEI CDI-W competition.

Riders will start the week with a Meet and Greet session with top international dressage riders and will have various get-togethers during the week to foster friendships and learning. This includes “Tacos for a Cause” on Tuesday, February 26, at 6 pm, in support of Just World International and hosted by Sarah Davis. Games, a taco bar, and drinks will be served at Belle Herbe Farm and welcome all FIYDC competitors and interested parents.

“While the competition is a major component of the Florida International Youth Dressage Championships, so is the chance for riders from different regions of the country and nations around the world to meet and spend time together,” said Sarah Davis. “The week of events and riding all play a part in producing well-rounded athletes.”

The riders will be welcomed into the Global International Arena on Friday evening prior to the “Friday Night Stars” freestyle competition for a Parade of Nations.

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