If you bring your dog to an FEI sanctioned horse show and don’t keep it on a leash, be prepared to be fined under a potential new rule.

A list of proposed rule changes to the FEI’s General Regulations includes a motion aimed at safe-guarding horses and riders from loose dogs cavorting on horse show grounds.

While there is currently no provision in the FEI Rules about dogs at FEI events, some disciplines refer to the issue in their Schedules. The proposed wording for the rule reads: If allowed at the Event, all dogs must be leashed and affixed to a human or stationary object. Violation of this rule will incur a fine of CHF 100 per offence and, in case of a repeated offence at the Event, may lead to exclusion from the Venue.

That’s a fine of approximately $130 CAD. Any rule changes are subject to approval at the FEI General Assembly in November in Bahrain, and would be in effect from 2019.