An FEI Extraordinary General Assembly will be held on 6 May 2011 in Lausanne (SUI) to seek approval of new FEI Statutes. At this meeting, the National Federations will have the opportunity to vote on statutory changes that, if passed, will restructure the current FEI governance model.

A comprehensive consultation process, in which input from the National Federations and the Bureau will be sought on key statutory changes, begins January 18th. The final draft of the proposed Statutes that will be voted on at the Extraordinary General Assembly will be sent to NFs on 8 April. If approved, the new Statutes will allow for the election of a newly structured FEI Board at the 2011 Ordinary General Assembly in November.

Candidacies for election at the 2011 FEI General Assembly will be opened after 6 May.

The official opening of the new FEI Headquarters in Lausanne will also take place on 6 May after the Extraordinary General Assembly. Further details on this event will be given in due course.