The FEI Equestrian Community Integrity Unit (ECIU), which was established in January 2010, has been drafted into the FEI Statutes and will now be a permanent fixture in the structure of the Federation.
The revision to the FEI Statutes to officially establish the ECIU as a permanent entity was passed unanimously at the recent Extraordinary General Assembly in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne (SUI).
The Statutes state that “the ECIU is an Independent Body with its chairperson reporting directly to the FEI President or his or her designee(s).
“The ECIU is a mechanism to protect integrity principles within the equestrian community, including, but not limited to, the “Clean Sport” programme and betting or corruption risks. It will be responsible for investigating any integrity issues related to the FEI, Headquarters, and all bodies whether volunteer or not. It will also maintain a review power, as needed, over the General Assembly, FEI Bureau, and FEI Executive Board.”
Quest (now Monitor Quest), the company which ran the ECIU in its first year of operation, will continue to operate the Integrity Unit, ensuring its independence.