Canada’s national equestrian federation has released One Vision – Equine Canada’s Strategic Plan to 2018. The most comprehensive plan in the federation’s history comes after months of national stakeholder consultations with people from all walks of life, and in all parts of Canada, involved with the equine industry and equestrian sport community.

“One Vision is Equine Canada’s most ambitious strategic plan to date,” states Mike Gallagher, President of Equine Canada. “We have established a rigorous set of objectives covering a broad range of activities, from horse welfare to equine and human athlete performance.

“We are excited to be launching this next chapter in our organization’s history. Our sport, our industry is ever changing and we must change with it. To achieve success with our new vision for the future will take the outmost in teamwork, hard work and dedication to excellence,” he adds.

The national organization has established an over-arching aspirational goal:

Equine Canada will be widely recognized as a world-leading sport and equine federation committed to excellence, fair play and equine welfare; a model organization providing an inclusive environment where innovation, partnership and creativity flourish.

Equine Canada will measure the success of its strategic plan against the following benchmarks:

  • Improved standards of care for the horse.
  •  A larger, more dynamic horse industry.
  •  Increased podium performances at:
    – Olympic and Paralympic Games;
    – World Equestrian Games;
    – Pan-American and ParaPan American Games;
    continental championships.
  • A strong national competition system that includes inter-provincial and national championships.
  • Programs for competitive development and life-long participation.
  • Programs that increase and diversify membership base.
  •  Sustained organizational structures and processes that promote and support excellence and a culture where innovation and creativity flourish.
  • Strengthened connection between member engagement and policy development.
  • Through leadership and promotion of the benefits of association with the horse, more Canadians will be inspired to participate in equestrian activities as part of an active lifestyle.

Equine Canada Board of Directors’ initiated the strategic planning process in the spring of 2011, which involved many hours of dedicated volunteer and staff time to bring the plan to fruition. The six-year plan is built upon the foundational belief that Equine Canada is the single national entity whose concerns and activities encompass sport, recreation, industry and equine welfare.

“Everyone, from volunteers, stakeholders, members and staff must be acknowledged for their tremendous commitment to our strategic planning process,” states the President. “Their contributions were absolutely vital.”

An implementation plan is currently under development with staff and volunteers. Semi-annual progress reports will be published on the Equine Canada website under About Us – Governance.

Download One Vision Our Plan at a Glance

Our Vision Statement – Canadians are inspired to achieve personal excellence and embrace lifelong participation in equestrian activities

Our Mission Statement – From championing best practices to encouraging fun and participation, Equine Canada is the dedicated national voice working to serve, promote and protect the interests of horses and Canada’s equestrian community