I felt bad this morning when I couldn’t quite make the 5:00 a.m. shuttle to get to the start of the endurance ride. A few hours later, it didn’t matter anyway, when the race was declared null and void during the first loop because of a rather monumental traffic screw-up and restarted at a much more civilized time of 11:15.

Then, just before 6:00 p.m. after a dousing rainstorm followed by sunshine and extremely high humidity, the horse poo really hit the fan when the race was cancelled altogether a second time, with two Spaniards within mere kilometers of the finish line, their horses looking good. Understandably, the Spanish team was outraged. Shoving ensued. Announcements were made, statements were released. Thanks for showing up everyone, have a safe trip home, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

I imagine the repercussions from this unprecedented chain of unfortunate events will be lengthy and loud. Stay tuned for updates.

Jill Irving making her WEG debut with Degas 12.

On a happier note, I immensely enjoyed watching our first two dressage riders competing today and speaking with them afterward. What wonderful, passionate, well-spoken ambassadors the members of this team are for the sport in this country. You can read my report here.

God bless America!

Honestly, the real highlight of my day? Finding out that the general store here sells wine by the bottle. I’m gonna need some tonight I think. Cheers until tomorrow!