Endurance Canada is pleased to announce the creation of three new awards, acknowledging the special horses that are the very heart and life of our sport.

The ELITE Award recognizes and honours horses that have demonstrated an outstanding competition record including high distance totals of at least 4,800 km (3000 mi), and completion of several 160 km (100 mi) rides. The award is open to both past and current competitive horses that have met these requirements.

The TENACITY Award celebrates horses that have shown long-term heart and fortitude over a minimum of 10 years of participating in endurance rides. The award is intended to honour horses that have shown incredible tenacity, staying sound, healthy and able to compete year after year, recording over 2,400 km (1,500 mi) in endurance distances.

The Best Condition Scores High Point Award will be presented to horses that have accumulated the most points from Best Condition judging at endurance rides throughout the year. At every Endurance Canada sanctioned ride, (50 mi/80 km or longer), competitors have the opportunity to present their horse for Best Condition. Each horse presented is scored and the points earned will be forwarded by the Ride Manager to Endurance Canada. At year end, these points will be added up, and the horse with the highest total from all rides during the year will be declared the winner. In order to participate in the Best Condition award program, horses must be enrolled in the Endurance Canada database, and the owner must be a member of Endurance Canada.

Endurance Canada looks forward to acknowledging our exceptional equine partners. Best of luck to all competitors in 2016!