questrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce that Dressage Prince Edward Island (DPEI) has been chosen to receive the September 2017 Dressage Volunteer of the Month Award.

DPEI is a volunteer organization that has offered dressage shows in PEI for over 20 years. The team is comprised of Chairperson, Ken Mellish, and Florine Proud, Virginia Cooke, Dawn MacKinley, Anna Osinga Bouma, Teresa Mellish, and Anne Wallace, who hold a variety of roles.

In 2017, DPEI organized five successful dressage competitions at the picturesque show grounds of Crapaud Agriplex. Two were EC Gold shows, featuring highly qualified senior judges, while the other three were schooling shows, giving beginner riders the chance to experience riding down centerline, while also providing opportunities to Maritime coaches. In addition, DPEI hosted the 2017 Atlantic Dressage Championship.

DPEI prides itself on offering well-organized competitions that attract riders from all three Maritime provinces. The team works with dressage organizations in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to ensure that competition dates do not overlap.

Education and recognition of members is also important to the DPEI team. To address these priorities, they offer annual awards to competition participants, and recently organized a freestyle clinic.

The DPEI team has received plenty of positive feedback regarding their organizational expertise, as well as the exceptional hospitality found in PEI.

Congratulations to all members of DPEI on their success and their support of dressage throughout the Maritimes. EC is pleased to recognize DPEI’s contribution to dressage and wishes them continued success.

If you know of a volunteer who deserves recognition, nominations are quick and easy through the EC website.

Nominations for the award are accepted until the 20th day of each month, making October 20th the next deadline to submit the name of a volunteer who has made a difference to the sport of dressage. Questions and comments on the Dressage Volunteer of the Month Award can be directed to Christine Peters at