The CTHS (Ontario Division) Board of Directors held its first Board meeting with their recently elected members, which included the election of the Executive Committee.

The newly elected Executive Committee is as follows:

President: R. Glenn Sikura
1st Vice-President: Peter Berringer
2nd Vice-President: Frank Di Giulio Jr.
National Directors: Bernard McCormack, Yvonne Schwabe, R. Glenn Sikura

The CTHS is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 11 Directors elected for a three-year term by members of the CTHS Ontario. An executive committee, made up of the President, 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President, is responsible for specific matters as delegated by the Board. Other committees and their members were set up by the elected Board and consist of a Finance Committee, Sales Committee, Thoroughbred Improvement Program Committee, Marketing Committee, New Owners Syndicate Committee, and Scholarship Committee.

The CTHS Ontario serves as a voice for its members within the Thoroughbred breeding industry. As key issues and problems arise, the Society representatives carry the voice of breeders to those meeting rooms where decisions are made.

For further information, please contact the CTHS Ontario office at 416-675-3602.