Canada’s Para-Equestrian Team completed the CPEDI 3* Überherrn in Germany, which ran from July 3 to July 5, with impressive performances amidst a European heat wave.

Four of Canada’s top Para-Equestrian riders were tasked with surviving the hottest temperatures Germany has seen in the past 100 years.

“Überherrn was a very challenging experience for the whole team. With temperatures in the 40 degrees Celsius range every day, horses and riders were at the limit of their tolerance,” explained Elizabeth Quigg, Chef d’Équipe for Team Canada.

Roberta Sheffield of Lincolnshire, UK, atop her eight-year-old Anglo-European Studbook (AES) mare, Double Agent, sired by Donnersohn, earned her best finish on the first day of competition with a second place finish in the Grade III Team Test (71.140%).

Sheffield followed up that performance with a sixth (66.748%) and fourth (70.917%) place finish in the Grade III Individual and Grade III Freestyle tests, respectively.

“Uberherrn was a brilliant learning experience. We developed so much as a team and it was great to have finally met our new manager, Anna Johnson,” commented Sheffield.

“Although my scores and placings were inconsistent, I feel that I had a really positive show. Darcy and I learnt a lot about handling the heat, which I hope to be able to use in Florida next year,” added Sheffield.

Ashley Gowanlock of Surrey, BC, secured three podium finishes over the weekend riding teammate Lauren Barwick’s 16-year-old Oldenburg mare, Ferdonia II (Don Gregory x Castro). In her first test of the weekend, Gowanlock rode to a second place finish (71.467%) in the Grade 1b Team Test. In both Saturday’s Grade 1b Individual Test and Sunday’s Grade 1b Freestyle, Gowanlock earned third place finishes with respective scores of 70.920% and 70.083%, the top performer on the weekend.

When asked about her performance at Überherrn, she wad extremely gracious as she credited teammate Barwick for the opportunity to compete with her Mare. “I would not be on the European tour this year if Lauren had not offered to let me ride Ferdonia, so I am extremely grateful for her kindness.”

“Fergie has a heart of gold and is such a willing, steady partner in the ring. I am looking forward to riding her in Hartpury. Lauren’s friendship and concern for me reaching my goals is something I will not soon forget,” Gowanlock exclaimed.

Owner Lauren Barwick of Aldergrove, BC, commented, “I was extremely pleased to see how well my personal Mare Fredonia did with my fellow teammate. They made a nice pair and showed fabulous harmony in the competition ring.”

Partnered with Off To Paris, Equine Canada’s 14-year-old Oldenburg mare, Off to Paris (Welthit 01 x Uniform), Barwick finished day one in seventh place in the Grade II Team Test (66.716%). In Grade II Individual Test, Barwick secured a fifth place finish before closing out the weekend with another placing in fifth in the Freestyle (69.917%).

“Paris was extremely exuberant in the show ring. Causing some mistakes, but gave us a good opportunity to prepare for the future. A huge thank you to the background team and coaches and my super groom, Tori Mury,” Barwick added.

Robyn Andrews of St. Johns, NL, rounded out the riders at last Überherrn. Riding her 14-year-old Friesian / Andalusian cross more, Fancianna, the pair contested the Grade 1a division. Andrews would finish in eleventh place (64.275%) in the Team Test and twelfth place in the Grade 1a Individual test (62.391%).

“Fancy and I are very proud of the way we are tackling the multiple changes we have made since being here,” commented Andrews after her showing at Überherrn.

Another highlight at Überherrn came when the riders put together a score that placed Team Canada in fifth, just 1.44 behind third place Austria and .63 behind fourth place Germany in the Team Test on day two of competition.

Team Canada Chef d’Équipe, Elizabeth Quigg spoke to the individual and team performances over the weekend in the grueling weather conditions. “Ashley and Fergie were able to put in three exceptionally good tests against top European riders, which gave us all a great boost.”

“Conditions on the field of play created tension for others which, combined with the heat, led to lower than usual scores. I was very proud of the way everyone on the team was able to pull this off,” Quigg concluded.

The team has now arrived at their third and final European competition destination in the United Kingdom. The travelling team consists of Mary Longden and Andrea Taylor (Team Coaches), Elizabeth Quigg (Chef d’Équipe), Dirk Stroda (Mental Coach), Amie O’Shaughnessy (Equine Canada High Performance Director), Anna Johnson (Equine Canada Para-Equestrian Manager), Dr. Jennifer Miller (Team Veterinarian), Caroline Archambault (Team Massage Therapist), and Hannah Goodwin, Katie Quinn, Tori Murray-Elley, and Kerry-Anne Bourne (Grooms).

Top Canadian Results – CPEDI 3* Überherrn, Germany

Grade III Team
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
2nd / Roberta Sheffield / Double Agent / 71.140%

Grade III Individual
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
6th / Roberta Sheffield / Double Agent / 66.748%

Grade III Freestyle
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
4th / Roberta Sheffield / Double Agent / 70.917%

Grade II Team
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
7th / Lauren Barwick / Off to Paris / 66.716%

Grade II Individual
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
5th / Lauren Barwick / Off to Paris / 69.190%

Grade II Freestyle
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
5th / Lauren Barwick / Off to Paris / 69.917%

Grade 1a Team
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
11th / Robyn Andrews / Fancianna / 64.275%

Grade 1a Individual
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
12th / Robyn Andrews / Fancianna / 62.391%

Grade 1b Team
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
2nd / Ashley Gowanlock / Ferdonia II / 71.467%

Grade 1b Individual
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
3rd / Ashley Gowanlock / Ferdonia II / 70.920%

Grade 1b Freestyle
Placing / Rider / Horse / Score
3rd / Ashley Gowanlock / Ferdonia II / 70.083%

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