The Dressage Canada Board held a meeting on February 16, 2011 to finalize and approve the Canadian Pan American Games selection trial locations.  Much information was reviewed, discussed and considered by the Dressage Canada Board and the Dressage Canada Committees before coming to the final decision on the trial locations.

From the competition organizers that indicated interest in holding the selection trials for the 2011 Pan American Games the following competitions were selected:

First Trial – Caledon Gold Dressage Show, Caledon, Ontario (August 5 – 7th)
Final Trial – Cornerstone Summer Classic Gold Dressage Show, Palgrave, Ontario (August 19th – 21st)

The selection of the Caledon and Cornerstone facilities was partly based on the following information:
1. The two above noted competitions are already set on the competition calendar for 2011 they meet the selection requirements (two competitions within two weeks, with two difference judging panels).
2. The horses will depart for Guadalajara from either New York or Ontario which are the two options currently being finalized.