Sometimes you just want to ride the rails and escape. At least that is one possible explanation for a horse which found its way onto an Aussie train platform in the middle of the night. The incident occurred at Warwick Farm Railway Station near Sydney in New South Wales. A lovely bay horse wearing a rain sheet is seen standing on the platform alone,  according to a news report in USA Today. The Thoroughbred gelding was found to be a retired racehorse owned by top Australian racing trainer Annabel Neasham, who apparently escaped when an intruder broke into the stables, says another news report. How he got up the stairs and onto the platform is a mystery. The break-in is under investigation.

The official Facebook account for Transport for NSW posted about the equine escapee, writing wittily:

MISSING INDIVIDUAL: the individual was last seen heading to Warwick Farm Railway Station after escaping the heavy rain. He was reported to be wearing only a rug and demonstrating a bit of horseplay.

UPDATE: After a CCTV review the individual was located on the platform at Warwick Farm Railway Station. He appeared to pursue an informant along the platform before unsuccessfully attempting to board a train service. The individual then moved to the carpark area where he was taken in by his owner and he was returned to his residence in a stable condition. No one involved in the incident is intending to take any further action as the individual was only horsing around!

Fortunately, the horse wasn’t injured in the incident and was returned home safely.

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