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Title: Brenda Fehr
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Brenda Fehr and her husband Henry run a private (not registered) non-profit horse rescue in Langdon, Alberta, called Dare to Dream Horse Rescue. They take in abused and abandoned horses being sent to slaughter. Brenda wants people to know that horses being sold at auction for meat are worth so much more; that very often they are young, healthy, well-bred animals full of potential.

Every horse that is rescued by Dare to Dream is provided with veterinary and farrier care, proper nutrition and retraining. Since November 2016, more than 170 horses have been rescued. Brenda says they typically have between 30-35 horses on the property at a time, including seven permanent residents and seven boarded horses.

Dare to Dream has a large volunteer base who help care for, handle and, in some cases, ride the horses, under Brenda’s careful supervision. She offers a safe, welcoming environment for volunteers of any age and background, and teaches them horsemanship at no cost.

Brenda explained that when someone is interested in adopting a horse, they are invited to come out and meet the horse, work with it and start to build a connection. If she doesn’t think they are a good match, she will not proceed with the adoption. While the ultimate goal is to rehabilitate and rehome the horses, Brenda does not put a timeline on their stay. Horses only leave when they are ready, and when they have found the right forever home. Dare to Dream accepts donations in the form of cash and supplies. Plus, they raise funds through tack sales, online auctions, bottle drives, chocolate bars sales and special events such as gymkhanas and paint nights. Brenda earns additional funds for the rescue through teaching groundwork and riding lessons.