Heroes of the Horse

Nominations are now open for Horse Canada’s second annual Heroes of the Horse Award.

This award recognizes people who go above and beyond to improve the lives of horses in Canada. Through it, we want to highlight the work of those who advocate, promote, care for and rescue horses in need. To help them along, we will make a donation of $2,000 so they can keep making a difference for the animals we all love.

Use the form below to make your nomination. Nominations are being accepted now, until July 15, 2018.

Please note that previous Heroes of the Horse Award winners are not eligible for nomination.

* Your Hero's First Name:

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* Tell us about your nominee and what is special about his/her work.

* How is his/her work making a difference?

Are there any links (to websites, social media etc.) that you want to share?

* Upload a photo of your hero (max filesize 10MB).

* Your First Name:

* Your Last Name:

* Your City:

* Your Province:

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