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Horse Canada’s Heroes of the Horse Award recognizes dedicated horse lovers going to extraordinary lengths to improve the lives of equines in need. Nominate a person you think is making a difference to the lives of horses, whether through rescue, rehabilitation, retirement, adoption/rehoming or other acts of kindness. Voting on the top 10 finalists starts in August.

One lucky winner will receive $2,000 and a Rambo Optimo blanket, second place will get an HWH2O Jacket, and third place an Amigo Bug Rug – all courtesy of Horseware.


* Your Hero's First Name:

* Your Hero's Last Name:

* Your Hero's City:

* Your Hero's Province:

* Your Hero's Postal Code:

* Your Hero's Email:

* Your Hero's Phone Number:

* Tell us about your nominee and what is special about his/her work.

* How is his/her work making a difference?

Are there any links (to websites, social media etc.) that you want to share?

* Upload a photo of your hero (max filesize 10MB).

* Your First Name:

* Your Last Name:

* Your City:

* Your Province:

* Your Postal Code:

* Your Email:

* Your Phone Number: