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K-Rob’s Crystal Ball 2013

My crystal ball repairman If you are wondering why it’s taking me so long to get my 2013 predictions up here, it’s because I just got my crystal ball back from the repair shop. I was getting nothing from it…

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Top Ten of 2012

Happy 2013 everyone! Apart from a handful of toddlers with longevity in their DNA and a very few centenarians, we are all experiencing the only year of our lifetimes that is a ’13’.  Just remember, though. Superstitious people have bad…

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Look who’s going to London!

I know, I know. I promised I would post this ‘Monday at the latest’. Please cut me a little slack. It’s just  nuts here in Welly World. More nuts even than usual. I have barely had time to eat, never…

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Welly World Part II

It’s not for lack of things to blog about  but the fourth dimension that has kept me away from my usual Wednesday posts this week. But I promise to make up for the wait with a post on the qualified…

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Welly World Wrap-up

  It’s now a week since I took wing and departed from the Wonderful World of Welly. I continue to love the place a little bit more every time I visit, though I do wish that the topographical relief in…

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Greetings from the World of Welly

As I sat  Tuesday morning, all squished into my cattle class seat on a plane bound for Houston, which would allow me to board another plane bound for West Palm Beach, and looked out the window at a snow-covered Vancouver…

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Florida Diaries Part 3

Well North Carolina was dark and foggy, South Carolina and Georgia were just plain dark and finally we unloaded at our barn in Ocala by 9:00 a.m. Slept for a few hours and we are now out buying hay and…

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I’m a junkie

If you didn’t check out my link to the Akaash web mini-series I mentioned in yesterday’s post, you really should take a peek at what the Horse Junkies posted today about Wonderful Welly World’s un-wonderful dressage woes. It’s so witty…

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