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I Wanna Hold Your Hand…

Candidates for the FEI presidency have now published their manifestos, but even with this belated opportunity to widen debate into issues rather than personalities, Ingmar de Vos is still getting flak. The current FEI secretary general has controversial ambitions to…

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10 Questions for the FEI Presidential Candidates

The FEI will be hosting its presidential election on December 14th in Baku, Azerbaijan as part of the General Assembly. After serving the FEI for two terms, HRH Princess Haya opted not to serve a third term and six candidates…

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How to Make Up a Presidential Campaign as You Go Along

I recently heard a fantastic put-down in a trailer for a TV show. A new boss introduces himself: “Hello, I am replacing Professor Dalton.” A waspish underling retorts: “No, you are not replacing him. You are merely getting his job.”…

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Six Candidates Declare for FEI Presidential Election

Representatives of six National Federations have submitted applications for the position of FEI President. The candidates, in order of receipt of the candidacy files by the FEI, are: – Pierre Genecand (SUI) – Ulf Helgstrand (DEN) – John McEwen (GBR)…

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Now Three Candidates for FEI Presidency

As HRH Princess Haya’s term as FEI president comes to an end in December, three new candidates have thrown their hats in the ring. Pierre E. Genecand of Switzerland has declared his candidacy, along with Pierre Durand of France and Ulf…

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FEI Constitutional Task Force Identifies Governance Structure

The FEI Bureau has approved the mandate for a Constitutional Task Force to oversee the establishment of an optimal governance structure for the FEI. The Task Force will present its findings and proposals on restructuring to the 2011 General Assembly…

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