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Ontario Horse Racing Industry Status Report

The cancellation of Ontario’s Slots at Racetrack Program (SARP) has necessitated a lengthy and critical review of how the province’s vital horseracing industry might move forward to a future of profitable growth and true self-sustainability. This is, by no means,…

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Ontario Government Ordered to Produce SARP Cancellation Documents

Last spring, a group of Standardbred breeders from Ontario launched a lawsuit against the province and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). The group, made of up breeders from nearly 40 Ontario farms, alleged that when then OLG announced…

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BREAKING NEWS – It took him almost a year to go through some 350 complaints from people like yours truly and others and then Ontario Ombudsman ANDRE MARIN will not investigate the cancellation of SARP   Happy Tuesday –…

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OHRIA Supports NDP Motion to Protect Ontario Horse Racing

Today the Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association was pleased to hear NDP MPP Taras Natyshak’s announcement regarding his party’s plan to introduce a motion calling on the   suspension of the OLG’s modernization strategy until municipalities have held referendums in conjunction…

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**Thoroughbred owners and breeders are re-thinking being involved in the Ontario industry already. Big farms are hearing the rumblings and meanwhile, there has not been any communication to the industry from Dwight Duncan, Finance Minister, Dalton McGuinty, Premier, with regards…

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Leap. Leap of Faith? Take a flying leap? LEAP YEAR! Welcome to Feb. 29, does it feel any different? Hey, it’s been 4 years since we had one? Toronto and parts around are getting a snowstorm right now – but…

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 THOROUGHBLOG has confirmed that the top 2-year-old Canadian-bred colt of last year, MARITIMER, has arrived in Dubai, according to reports in The National paper. The colt is owned by Ramzan Kadryov who has 2 horses competing in Dubai today including…

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  OLD FORESTER, read more bottom of post, he’s in DRF news! Dave Landry photo       THANK YOU to comment-ers on Thoroughblog who have shared their letters and opinions, I have also received a lot of copies of…

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“Please Government of Ontario, don’t touch our horse racing industry, it’s important for thousands of people. I want there to be lots of good racing when I get older so I can make my family proud” A colt from the…

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MINISTER OF FINANCE – DWIGHT DUNCAN (top), DON DRUMMOND, 302 cash-saving RECOMMENDATIONS COMING TOMORROW   BREAKING NEWS…**Newstalk 1010’s GERRY AGAR this morning will discuss horse racing and its future in Ontario…listen on line at, between 9 -12 **The Twitter-world,…

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