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Targeting: Part 1

I hope you had fun practicing you food delivery mechanical skills. You will be happy to know we are ready to get your horse started on targeting. You should be getting very fluid and confident in your basic food delivery/target…

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Food Delivery Part 2: Time to Target

What now? The horse, right? No, not yet! Now that you have your food delivery skills perfected, it’s time to add another new skill: handling a target. A target can be anything that is easy to hold and is horse…

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Food Delivery Part 1: Thinking Outside the Box “Stall”

This series of lessons, showing you how to use the foundation lessons of Alexandra Kurland’s clicker training, though they appear very simple, were very carefully designed. If you progress systematically through them, you will see amazing results from your horse…

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Building a Solid Foundation with Foundation Lessons

All good training begins with a solid foundation. Just like building a house, if the foundation isn’t solid there will be issues with the structure later on and you will have to either put Band-Aid solutions in place to ‘fix’…

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The Evolution of an Idea

Here is a series of photos of Zelador learning how to play a new game with feed tubs (see Playing with Holey Feed Tubs post).

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Keeping it Positive

Now, let’s look at the horse you have and make a list of all the things he does that you would need to change to have him be your dream horse. Most of us would say “I don’t like it…

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If Wishes Were Horses…

We would all ride our dream horse wouldn’t we? So, what would your dream horse look like? What would this dream horse be able to do? What would you like to feel confident doing with your dream horse? Be specific…

pony fairy

New Clicker Training Blog is pleased to introduce our all-new blog, The Pony Fairy, by Monty Gwynne. Better known as the “The Pony Fairy,” Gwynne is the only Canadian-approved Alexandra Kurland ‘Click That Teaches’ instructor. She has used clicker training for the past…

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Clicker Gear

One of the biggest keys to success with clicker training, like any form of training, is about how to set things up to be successful before you actually do any training. Most people don’t think too much about what they…

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What is Clicker Training?

Hello! I’m glad you decided to check out my blog and find out what clicker training is all about. So, what is clicker training? Here is a great definition, by Karen Pryor, author of Reaching the Animal Mind (a great…

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