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An Ah Ha Moment

During the past week I’ve brought out the five large pliable feed tubs (with the large hole in the bottom) to practice “in the middle”. Sue and I set them up Monday for Zelador to walk through. We were puzzling…

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Mat Work: Part 1

Why on earth would I want to teach my horse to stand on a mat? At first glance, it seems like an easy enough thing to do, and perhaps it is, if you only look at the “big picture” and…

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As if it Were the First Time

I’ve noticed something lately…if I approach the horse pretending that I’m asking him to do something that he’s never done before, even if he’s done it a thousand times, he does it beautifully and happily. Why? Because I’m asking him…

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Muggy Horse: Part 3

I like to relate grown-ups and duration by suggesting you look at it this way. You and I are having a great conversation, you have my attention and I have yours. We are responding to each other’s emotional bids. Now…

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Lounging Around Town

Mike and Kelly arrived last Wednesday just before noon to ship Zelador to a nearby farm to practice sitting on his bean bag in a totally new location. This exercise was set in motion last week when Sue and Rick…

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Muggy Horse: Part 2

There are all sorts of discussions out there about are you using positive or negative reinforcement. The real question should be: how do I teach? How can I stop behaviour I don’t like or train a behaviour want? The training…

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Muggy Horse: Part 1

But my horse is STILL muggy! So what if you have tried to follow the steps but your horse is still not great at grown-ups? You now have the cleverest horse in your barn but in between being brilliant he…

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Getting Paid for Doing Nothing Part 2

Why do some horses that are fed treats become muggy? Usually, a horse is muggy, not because they are getting treats, but because the treats are fed indiscriminately. The horse gets treats for no apparent reason that he can see….

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Getting Paid for Doing Nothing

For some folks this would be a dream come true, but what does this have to do with clicker training? Let’s start by looking at the idea of getting paid to do nothing. I even thought it might be fun……

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Targeting: Part 2

It is time to play with your human “horse” again for the next part of food delivery. This next step is one that helps develop space management of your horse by using food delivery. We are going to add in…

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