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Mat Work and Trailers: Part 1

Trailer loading, just like any other behaviour we would ask our horses to do, must have had been taught before we can ask, and expect, the horse to perform that behaviour. An even more important question to ask is have…

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Z and Z on their Pedestals

Here’s my latest project with Zelador and Zeloso: Since last Friday I’ve taken Z and Z to the arena (always need a helper to get them to and fro) and worked with them at liberty for ten minutes (no more…

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Mats and Horse Agility

More things to do with your mat work! Once you start thinking differently about how you train the possibilities are endless. Take for instance horse agility obstacles. Horse agility seems to be becoming increasingly popular. After watching a video on…

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The Camera Loves Him

Here are a few photos taken by Ellen Cameron recently. I particularly like the “white blur”!

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Using the Same Exercise to Solve Opposite Training Issues: Part 2

Last week we looked at the ‘no go‘ horse. So now how did this same exercise help sort out the ‘no whoa ‘horse? Once again, we discussed the plan without the horse and walked through it until the handler had…

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Using the Same Exercise to Solve Opposite Training Issues

In the last few blogs, we have been learning about the foundation exercise of standing on a mat. Now, I’d like to show you how you can use this foundation exercise in different ways to help train a variety of…

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Teaching an Old Horse New Tricks

Ron Marino took these photos of Sally’s horse, Roany, and his farm-mate. A few months ago I introduced Roany, age 18ish, to some of our games. He took to them instantly. This horse rolls out the carpet like a pro….

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It’s Time to Teach Zelador His ABCs

Just for fun I placed Zelador on his pedestal and looked for some of the name cards. I found a large “Zelador” card (8” x 10”), a “Winnie” card and a small “Zelador” card (3” x 8”). I put them…

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In the Blink of an Eye

This weekend a friend dropped by, Ellen Cameron. She has horses and is a photographer. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos she took of Zelador in the arena doing a variety of things. At one point he did the…

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Mat Work: Part 2

Hopefully you had some fun and success playing with targeting to the mat, but possibly you have one of those horses who has some issues from being MADE to do stuff and so is very afraid to try it. In…

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