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Cue Transfer: Part 2

I hope you all had fun playing with transferring the head down cue from the lead to a lifted hand. Now let’s look another cue transfer. I now want Oli to put his head down when I turn on the…

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Playing with Head Down and Cue Transfer: Part 1

Now that you have head down using a lift of the lead rope, make sure it is solid…that you get head down promptly every time you lift the lead. Now we can have some fun and play with cue transfer….

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Head Down: Part 2

I hope you have all tried the up for down method and are having some success. There are usually three ceilings that the horse will stop at. To get them past this sticky level first make sure you are allowing…

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A Mixed Bag of Fun Stuff

A few things: 1. Sue Parker and I introduced “limping” to Zelador yesterday. We weren’t exactly sure how we were going to do this. She mentioned trainers using ropes to lift a leg and we both agreed that we weren’t…

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Head Down: Part 1

Our next foundation lesson is head down. With clicker training, we teach head down a bit differently. Head down is taught by lifting up on the lead rope. At first, this seems rather counter intuitive, lifting up to get down….

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Happy Faces: Part Two

By now you should be both smiling and having an even better time, so now we need to look at generalizing this behaviour just like all our behaviours. Perhaps you have encountered grumpy faces in your horse when you go…

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Happy Faces

The next foundation lesson is called Happy Faces. Whether it is yourself doing the smiling or being on the receiving end of a smile, smiles just make you feel good. Behaviour and emotion are neurophysiologically linked so when you change…

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Getting Ready for the Autmunal Fundraiser

I introduced two new horses to clicker training, Jack and Carrie. Much to my surprise Jack was able to walk and trot around me at liberty the first day! He was also good at coming in from his circle to…

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Mat Work and Trailers: Part 2

I hope you played with mats and moving them to different locations last week and worked a bit on building duration as well after your horse was ok in the new locations. This week we are going to add in…

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