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Deworming Prep: Part 2

I was surprised not to get any comments on the video in last week’s post. It caused quite a stir on Facebook! Maybe everyone is too busy staying warm or shopping to comment? So, I thought it would be great…

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More Bubbles

Zeloso has mastered bubble blowing with just the liquid presented to him. Kye, too. Zelador blows and blows and only wiggles the fluid! I help him out by creating and holding a bubble on the wand for him to blow….

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Zeloso on the Loose

It was 10:00 P.M., time for night check. I opened the barn door and sensed something warm, large and soft near me. There is a night light in the barn, to the right of the door, but two winter blankets…

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Blowing Bubbles

Allen was here when we brought the horses in. I told him about the bubble game. He came and watched and suggested: “How about holding your hand over the horse’s far nostril and holding the bubble maker below the near…

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Winsong Bull

Here’s an email exchange between Ron and myself. Hi Winnie, I’m not sure if you met the resident Winsong Farm bull…he lives up in the loft of the upper barn. He’s a rather unorthodox type bull and certainly has some…

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Deworming Prep: Part 1

Let’s look this week at how clicker training can help every day issues like deworming. Is your horse easy to deworm or does he run at the sight or smell of the dewormer tube? Again a lot of where you…

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My Mother Dresses Me Funny: Part 2

So let’s continue on from last week’s blog… After a week’s worth of practicing you should be ready to bet that $100! Once this ‘going to the target’ behaviour is solid and predictable (see the Eggo stationary targeting video in…

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My Mother Dresses Me Funny: Part 1

Seems winter is upon us, here in Alberta at least, and that means the daily chore for some of us of blanketing. Being inherently lazy or maybe just being the kind of person who likes chores to be efficient or…

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Zeloso Giving it His All

Tomorrow Sue comes and we’ll dream up a way to help Zeloso figure out sitting on the bean bag. Meanwhile, back in his stall…the other day when I was practicing backing up and standing against the bean bag Zeloso raised…

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Sit Zeloso!

The adventure begins! Someone mentioned after the October 6th fundraiser that it’d be really neat to see both Zelador and Zeloso sitting on bean bags. Talk about a winter project!!!! I quickly contacted Sue Parker and told her of this…

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