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Looking Both Ways

In the winter I have a bit more time to read and explore sites on the internet. I came across a debate concerning horses and whether or not they really understand a specific word or are responding to the handler’s…

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Different Approaches to Picking Up Hooves

I hope you spent a few moments thinking about what kind of problem solver you are. If you are looking at clicker training perhaps you are looking for another way to solve your problems than the way you have been…

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What Type of Problem Solver Are You?

This week, in preparation for the upcoming article on improving your horse’s ability to lift and hold up his hooves, in the March/April of Horse-Canada, I will present some food for thought. Many of you will think this following blog…

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Winsong Christmas Party Videos

Check out these videos from the December 27th party at Winsong Farm.  

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Three and the Tree

These photos were taken December 27th at a party that was fresh on the heels of three days with no electricity. We were all pretty pooped from being cold indoors and out, along with all the extra work that not…

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Sit Pax!

A few weeks ago, Ron Marino and I started Pax’s day with a sit practice in his stall during which he received lots of treats. Pax had backed up straight and sort of bent his hind legs. He also moved…

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Last Blog of 2013

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. Time really is going faster, or maybe it just gets faster as you get older. Yet another reason to clicker train. When I am with my horses, I am living in…

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Volunteering Behaviour

I’m not sure about your weather, but the weather here a very short few days ago was a balmy 40 below with the wind chill, but this being Alberta it changed from that to plus 8 almost overnight. I thought…

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Zeloso and His Bean Bag

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Fun with Bubbles

Check out this video of the Winsong horses blowing bubbles!

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