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Spring Song Checks the Mail

Joe Boustead of Canterbury Outpost is our saddler. He came yesterday and checked the saddle fit on our horses then turned to finding a saddle that fits Spring Song, my American Horsewoman’s Challenge 2014 partner. Spring is a Holsteiner/Thoroughbred almost…

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Self-Loading The Clicker Way

In this blog, I am going to explain in more detail how to teach trailer loading using clicker training. The featured horse in the article and videos on this blog is Oli, a delightful, but very large, Warmblood, three-year-old gelding….

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Can You Click and Compete?

I was recently asked ‘If I wanted to compete and still use clicker training, how would I ever ride a whole dressage test? I click and treat for every behaviour, which means my horse stops to get his reward.’ The…

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Well-Prepared Companionship

I thought I’d share some interesting words from Alexandra Kurland this week for the blog: Well-Prepared Companionship Most of us have had a tough winter. With the extreme cold this winter it’s been hard to work with our horses. This…

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Hind Leg Lifts

To shape a hind leg lift for hoof cleaning, I use the same basic idea as I did for shaping the front leg lift. This time I will place my hand on the stifle so that I can feel when…

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Bring on the Challenge!

My entry video for the 2014 American Horsewoman’s Challenge is done! Whew! What a process! I’m so glad that I entered this competition BECAUSE I viewed lots of footage of me riding. I haven’t had myself filmed for years (except…

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Horsewoman’s Challenge Entry is Coming Together

Last week through to Monday we filmed task after task for the American Horsewoman Challenge. We could go on filming forever, hoping for that perfect footage. We had a few days of zero degrees or warmer and now we’re back…

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American Horsewoman’s Challenge Update

Regarding the American Horsewoman’s Challenge: we’re going to need a blooper’s section for our video application. Yesterday Zelador and I were working on quarter turns (on the haunches) in preparation for two elements in the Ranch/Trail section of the Challenge….

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Hoof Care Made Easy

So, how do you start getting your horse to offer to hold up a hoof? Here are the videos that go with my article in the March/April issue of Horse-Canada. I will share some video clips showing how to start…

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A Positive Approach to Picking Up Hooves

I really hope you had time to have a look at the video links I posted last week. I would love some feedback on what you thought and felt while watching and listening to them. This week I am delighted…

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