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Bogus Endurance Races Investigated

It was reported last week that the UAE allegedly falsified results from two apparently faked endurance rides, supposedly held December 23rd and January 21st. Now, it was been revealed, in an article by Pippa Cuckson in The Daily Telegraph, that…

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Questions Over Legitimacy of Endurance Races

Earlier this week, on her blog Pippa Cuckson, questioned whether an endurance race recorded as having taken place on January 21st in Dubai actually ran. While the results for the 120km CEI qualifier for last month’s President’s Cup were recorded…

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Too Good to be True?

My phone has been red hot this past week, with colleagues keen to discuss the politics behind the FEI’s unprecedented cancellation of two UAE CEI’s as the endurance crisis escalates. So it was a relief when one buddy called with…

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Crisis Mis-Management

Two weeks after the Al Reef double fracture scandal, the FEI president has finally managed to say something, in this email today to national federations, a cut-and-paste embellishment of something sent to the many individuals and groups who have already…

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The Silence of the Lambs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s just as well, because the greater the scandal, the briefer the utterance we get out of the FEI. I refer of course, to the hideous image of Splitters Creek Bundy perched…

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Sometimes Riders are Bigger Than the Team

Given the catastrophic issues raging in another equestrian sport, the Kiwi eventing community are lucky that the only thing apparently exercising them at the moment is whether or not Andrew Nicholson should be reinstated on the NZ performance squad, after…

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When CCI Means CSI

The initials CSI can apply to both the official FEI abbreviation for an international jumping show, and the name of a global TV crime franchise. I am wondering how soon before the two worlds collide. I am applying a bit…

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Intrepid Reporter Gets More Accolades

Equestrian journalist Pippa Cuckson has received the Liz Dudden Memorial Trophy in recognition of her tireless quest to expose horse welfare issues at the highest level of sport. Her ongoing coverage of the Middle East endurance scandals in international media…

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Stocking fillers: topics that deserve a longer blog, but it’s nearly Christmas and I want some time off!

Global Champions Tour: On September 29th, GCT sent out a promotional video of Scott Brash and Ludger Beerbaum effusing about a new GCT teams concept set to “revolutionize” their sport. I have to say I felt they were busking it…

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Is Welfare ‘Paramount’ – or Just a Pain in the Neck?

On Saturday, I went National Hunt racing to support a friend’s horse. He was caught on the line for third place, but connections were thrilled as he has come back from a couple of niggles last year and runs and…

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